First Look: AdTheorent Integrates with Commerce Signals to Leverage Purchase Insights

AdTheorent has announced today its engagement with Commerce Signals, a leader in connecting advertisers and publishers to aggregate insights from transaction data, to enable optimization and measurement of digital media campaigns based on actual online and in-store purchases.

Commerce Signals connects advertisers, agencies and publishers to aggregate insights from approximately 70 percent of US card-based purchases in near real time.

Through its en-gagement with Commerce Signals, AdTheorent has access to insights about incremental sales, sales lift, and total sales (on and offline), as well as change in purchasers, frequency, average purchase, and dollars spent per purchaser as a result of digital campaign exposure.

The entire process is reported within 72 hours of submitting a measurement report request, allowing for in-flight optimization.

These insights fuel AdTheorent’s predictive models, resulting in campaigns optimized by a myriad of data points including online and in-store purchases, demographic, psychographic, geographic and creative type variables. AdTheorent’s machine learning platform scores au-diences to identify who is most likely to purchase, and delivers advertising accordingly. AdTheorent’s scale and inventory allow more precise targeting, further driving engagement, and ultimately sales lift.

“As a result of our partnership with Commerce Signals, we can now utilize purchase in-sights to further fuel our machine learning platform to model toward the most favorable au-diences,” said Rick Dalton, Vice President of Yield and Data Strategy at AdTheorent.  “This integration has allowed us to demonstrate cross-channel sales lift resulting from the digital advertising campaigns that we handle for our clients, validating the effectiveness of AdTheorent’s predictive targeting.”