Feeling the Pull to Push Messaging in a Social Media App? Localytics Tutorial Goes Beyond the Basics

Feeling the Pull to Push Messaging in a Social Media App Localytics Tutorial Goes Beyond the BasicsIt’s a must read, to be sure. And entertaining, too!

Localytics has just published a sort of tutorial on push messaging in social media apps — complete with tips and tricks for each of these big boys: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Snapchat.

The lesson begins with the oft-noted caveat: “Push messaging in social media apps can be tricky — you want to drive user engagement, but you also don’t want to irritate your users.”

Well said, Localytics.

Having the scoop on several of the biggest, most popular, and most influential social media sites is worth its weight in Facebook likes (or perhaps more).

There are some critical takeaways for social media push messaging, too.

“The biggest thing social networks need to work on is moving past the safe and standard community update notifications. Social apps should be using more call to actions and fun feature notifications to get users engaged and active within the app,” notes the post. “Another important element for social media apps is the notification settings. Make sure your push notification settings are easy to find and don’t require too much digging by users (these are important user settings, not a dead body).”

The tutorial even puts a good word in for creativity (we couldn’t agree more) and plays around with a few push ideas of its own (and invites commenters to add theirs in the comments section).

If you’ve been feeling the pull to push messaging, this one’s for you!