Fandango’s Mobile Playbook Now Includes Apple’s Passbook

Fandango has just announced the availability of its popular Mobile Ticket in Apple’s Passbook for iOS 6.

With the mobile experience deemed critical to Fandango’s future, the move is being widely praised as an excellent step for the company to continue expanding its offerings via the release of Apple’s iOS 6.

Mobile ticket sales for the summer of 2012 increased 116% year-over-year, Fandango boasts.

Passbook is a simple way to get all your passes in one place. Fandango’s paperless and scannable Mobile Ticket feature, now available at 2,600 screens across the country, enables moviegoers to get their movie tickets sent to their phones as mobile barcodes.

Fandango says that with these paperless tickets, film fans can show their iPhone or iPod touch to the theater ticket-taker and bypass the box office windows and kiosks.

“Mobile Ticket in Passbook is a great way for Fandango fans to keep their tickets in one place and quickly access them on their iPhone or iPod touch,” said Rick Butler, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Fandango. “Fandango moviegoers can now bypass the box office at select nationwide theaters because their Mobile Ticket in Passbook will use time and location data to automatically display their scannable movie ticket as soon as they arrive.”