Evolving Systems Has a ‘Sixth Sense’ for Mobile Marketing

Evolving Systems Has a 'Sixth Sense' for Mobile MarketingNo, they don’t see dead people. But they do see opportunity.

Evolving Systems, Inc., a leader in activation, enablement and management of services for connected mobile devices worldwide, says it is acquiring privately held Sixth Sense Media (SSM), a provider of real-time analytics and marketing solutions to global wireless carriers.

Sixth Sense Media, based in Durham, North Carolina, is a software technology company, serving multiple carriers around the world. Their software solution, Real-time Lifecycle Marketing, or RLM, platform enables carrier marketing departments to “innovate, execute and manage highly-personalized and contextually-relevant, interactive campaigns that engage consumers in real time.”

Combining SSM’s real-time analytics and campaign capabilities with Evolving Systems’ Dynamic SIM Allocation (DSA) and Mobile Data Enablement (MDE) solutions will allow the Company to offer global wireless carriers solutions that utilize the highly valuable contextual data captured from the subscribers’ initial welcome experience via DSA, their network usage via RLM and their on-device app usage via MDE.

“Evolving Systems’ acquisition of Sixth Sense Media is strategic, enabling us to augment our industry recognized strength in real time activation and aggressively move into the high value space of mobile marketing campaigns, advertising and analytics,” said Thad Dupper, Chairman and CEO.