eMarketer: One-Third of Mobile Marketers Don’t Monitor Mobile ROI

According to an insightful new report on the state of mobile marketing, mobile ROI remains an elusive concept for upwards of one-third of all mobile marketers.

This information comes to us by way of an April 2011 survey by King Fish Media sponsored by HubSpot, Junta42 and Maxymiser.

Highlighted Wednesday by eMarketer, better than 33% of the marketers questioned don’t rank “mobile” chief among their marketing tools and priorities. The report, however, appears to suggest that this reality may soon change, as 60% of North American marketers surveyed reveal plans to develop a mobile strategy within one year – that’s opposed to the rather small one-third of marketers who already have a mobile strategy.

Hard to believe but true, when asked about the ROI of their mobile advertising programs, “a plurality of North American companies said they were doing about as well as expected.”

Roughly 25% of survey respondents expressed regret with mobile advertising, saying it failed to meet expectations. Only 13% expressed pleasure with mobile marketing in that the results “were better than they had hoped.”

It should be noted, however, that a full picture of the mobile ROI pie cannot be gleaned from this report alone. As the study highlights, more than one-third of all companies with a mobile presence and mobile marketing strategy aren’t monitoring their ROI.

Although we often hear a great deal about the “future growth of mobile marketing,” today’s reality reveals that mobile marketing still captures a small chunk of all marketers’ marketing dollars. Nonetheless, real – and not just projected – growth remains.

According to eMarketer, total mobile advertising spending in the US will top $1.1 billion this year – a 48% increase over 2010’s mobile ad spending.