Dreamworld AR to Show Live Augmented Reality Demo at CES

Dreamworld AR confirmed to MMW this week that it will be exhibiting our AR technology at CES 2018 from Jan 9th to Jan 12th.

Live Demo of their AR headset, Dream Glass, will be at Booth 21931, South Hall, LVCC and the pre-order will be open soon.

From the official word emailed to MMW:

Believing in the value of “Tech for People”, Dreamworld strives to deliver the most cutting-edge yet affordable AR technologies to everyone. Our Dream Glass is designed for mobile platforms, being the first and sole to offer 100-degree field of view for less than $400, at a weight of around 200g. Hand gesture recognition and positional tracking are incorporated to ensure the full stack of AR experience; mobile based SDK and unity support are provided to ensure easy content developing and broader audience acceptance; unprecedented immersive visual display is optimized for human vision perception to ensure user comfort.

By the company’s own assessment, Augmented Reality is going to completely change how people work, communicate, shop, and entertain themselves. With ARkit and ARcore for the first time promoting AR to the mainstream community, Dreamworld is “glad to see that more and more companies and developers are getting involved.”

To learn more, check out the company’s official website here www.dreamworldvision.com.