Display Advertising Days Numbered? Study Says Mobile Marketing Will Cause It to Fall

Display Advertising Days Numbered Study Says Mobile Marketing Will Cause It to FallIt’s not just in western markets, but also now in Asia Pacific that expert observers are predicting the fall of display advertising and the rise of more innovative approaches.

“As more and more mobile consumers across Asia Pacific are using multi-screening and video watching, marketers expect an eventual shift away from display advertising towards innovative content,” says India’s Business Standard.

That view is partly based on a mobile marketing in Asia survey conducted by Warc in association with the Mobile Marketing Association which found that while 70 per cent of marketers currently use display advertising, only 44 per cent plan to use it in five years’ time.

“This corresponds with the marketers’ perception of video’s rising significance in mobile platforms,” the report noted.

“The study found watching video was now considered by 51 percent of respondents as an important mobile consumer behavior, up 15 percentage points compared to 2014 and 23 percentage points from 2013,” according to Business Standard. “Multi-screening was seen as the most significant consumer trend with 68 percent indicating its importance.”

Now that mobile consumers are increasingly sophisticated (and with shorter attention spans to boot), more marketers now see content and consumer concerns over privacy as the biggest challenges.

“The ongoing challenge now is that today’s consumers expect much more of their mobile content and experience. So in order to keep up, marketers need to hone their skills further and innovate strategically,” said Warc Asia Pacific Managing Director Edward Pank.