Disney Acquires Gaming Engine Startup Rocket Pack

HTML5 gaming engine startup Rocket Pack is about to blast off thanks to an acquisition by Disney.

News of the acquisition, however, did not come via press release from either party. Instead, Tech Crunch exclusively learned of the deal and reported on Wednesday morning that plans are already finalized regarding Disney’s acquisition of the Helsinki, Finalnd-based Rocket Pack.

“We can confirm that The Walt Disney Company has acquired Rocketpack, an integrated solution for plugin-free browser game development” a Disney representative told the digital publication. “Through a merger agreement, Rocketpack is now a wholly owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company reporting into Disney Interactive Media Group (DIMG).”

The value of the deal was not announced but its clear how much value Disney stands to gain from the acquisition.

“You can build awesome games outside App stores – straight onto the Web,” Tech Crunch reports, “no Flash required, as it uses HTML5.”

In other words, Disney can push its gaming content directly to consumers via the web in a way that enables the entertainment giant to bypass the cumbersome App Store rules and policies maintained by the likes of Apple, Google, and Research in Motion.

For more information, check out the Tech Crunch piece the broke the story.