Digital Security Experts Concerned with Hack Attack on PayPal UK Twitter Account

On Tuesday, another prominent Twitter account was hacked.

Just hours after a Fox New Twitter account was broken into by hackers who subsequently Tweeted false information about US President Barack Obama, an unrelated incident was reported involving PayPal UK’s Twitter account.

According to a report from Reuters, hackers managed to force access to the PayPal Twitter feed for more than an hour – a period in which the digital intruder distributed messages criticizing the payment processor.

In PayPal’s case, the attackers sent out messages promoting, a site devoted to what it says is “exposing the nightmare of doing business ‘the PayPal way.'”

Within 120 minutes of the Twitter hijacking, PayPal officials managed to have Twitter suspend the account until the damaging posts could be removed and the page could be properly secured.

Two high-profile attacks in two days have gotten the attention of some digital safety experts who believe Twitter and its users need to take greater precautions to curb the social media hacks that are becoming far too frequent for comfort.

Fortunately, PayPal says the attack on the Twitter account “had not affected the company’s operations or its internal computer networks.” Additionally, no sensitive information or user data was compromised during the attack.