Developing Your Mobile Marketing Moxie

Developing Your Mobile Marketing MoxieIt’s the year for mobile if there ever was one.

The Mobile Marketing Association has made it known that 2014 will be a bang-up year for brands and agencies that move mobile into their marketing strategies.

Here’s why they should: Globally, mobile ad spend surged 105 percent in 2013, and is predicted to climb another 75 percent this year, reaching $31.5 billion.

But — says marketing analyst Jon Nolz — “The biggest drawback has been marketers getting the education needed for a successful mobile marketing and advertising campaign. It’s a totally new media channel that requires simplification, engagement, and quick response.”

Nolz offers a few tips in a recent column at Adotas.

First, says Nolz, it’s good to define terms.

“There are a number of different ways to track results depending on the type of campaign the business chooses to run,” says Nolz (to review them, click here).

“Mobile has fundamentally changed the way businesses engage with consumers through mobile marketing and advertising,” explains Nolz. “Therefore, businesses should have a mobile first strategy vs. using other mediums.”

What are some good reasons, besides the obvious growth in the sector?

“The barrier to entry in to mobile advertising is low in comparison to TV and print ads where the content quickly becomes obsolete,” Nolz explains. “Digital is an ideal channel for small businesses because creative and calls to action can be changed on the fly. The cost is minimal in comparison to traditional marketing channels. Another advantage to mobile is the advertiser has access to data on the back end to optimize campaigns along the way and build upon the data collected to apply it to future mobile campaigns.”

Not to mention the targeting opportunities.

“These interactions can be used to better re-target customers. The best thing about mobile is the ability to have ‘at the very moment targeting’: right time, right place, and right device,” Nolz says.

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