Developers Can Boost Windows Games Revenues with AdDeals Just Released SDK

Developers Can Boost Windows Games Revenues with AdDeals Just Released SDKAdDeals Network, a major premium mobile ad network specialized on the Windows platform, offers unique tools for developers to better promote or monetize their apps and games via interstitial, wall, or banner ads.

The company, which currently works with more than a thousand developers worldwide, has just announced the release of its brand new universal SDK compatible with Windows 8.1/10 devices.

“AdDeals’ service brings in 5 major key features, (including) top CPMs and minimal revenues guaranteed with interstitial ads and premium advertising campaigns for top Windows games,” reports WMPowerUser. “It even has some campaigns reaching more than $10 CPMs in games on the Windows Tablet/PC Platform right now.”

Real-time performance data is a plus, too.

The offer allows developers to track performance, displays, clicks, app installs, and top campaigns in real time with full disclosure. It also allows one to see which are the best performing campaigns running in apps.

“AdDeals is a great service that provides monetization and user acquisition capabilities for your apps and games,” said Zoltan Gubics, the developer of Sky Cue Club: 8 & 9 Ball Pool + Billiards + Snooker, one of the top Windows Store games. “You can generate steady revenues with fullscreen interstitial ads and easily fallback to house ads. It even provides a very generous 1:1 cross-promotion service. The SDK is easy to integrate and the management dashboard has many customization options for advanced users.”