Commotion and Controversy Keeping iGaming in the Headlines

Commotion and Controversy Keeping iGaming in the HeadlinesHere are some of the top stories in the bustling world of iGaming that our sister site mGamingWatch has been monitoring in recent days.

In a recent announcement, the classic gaming masterminds at Atari confirm that they have joined forces with gambling game developer Pariplay to turn classic Atari favorites into lottery and casino games.

Sam Miranda, the editor of, reached out to us last week with their new infographic showing the growth of online casinos and gambling.

This last year, Mississippi has seen as significant decrease in gambling revenue. Correspondingly, that translates to a significant decrease in revenue for the state government.

When looking at New Jersey gambling revenues as a whole, the addition of online gambling has yet to equalize the revenue losses of Atlantic City. With that being said, online gambling revenues are growing rapidly month over month.

In November 2013, New Jersey rolled out online gambling. While 14 of the 15 approved online casino brands hopped on the bandwagon right from the start, Tropicana AC took a different approach, and waited until their online sites were perfected. They also knew that there would be common problems that the new online casinos would face and they chose to see what they were (and to safeguard against them) prior to their launch.