Closed Captioning Comes to Smartphone, Tablet Screens

Closed Captioning Comes to Smartphone, Tablet ScreensUnicorn Media has shared with MMW details of its latest endeavor.

A well-respected market leader in Internet video solutions that allow publishers to insert video ads on IP-enabled devices, Unicorn on Tuesday confirmed that is now supports multi-screen closed captions in compliance with expanding FCC regulations affecting Internet video content.

We’re told that the company’s Unicorn Once technology facilitates embedding closed caption information in a standard technical format, enabling customers to meet the FCC safe harbor requirement.

Unicorn Once accepts closed captioning as an input in multiple formats to support closed captions for multi-screen devices. Using the closed caption and video format appropriate for the device, Unicorn Once then delivers the video.

“The Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act expands access to content for hearing impaired viewers with new closed caption requirements,” says Bill Rinehart, CEO of Unicorn Media. “Regulations mandating closed captions on all TV content across all screens makes the process of delivering video even more complex. Our technology enables customers to ingest one mezzanine file, dynamically insert ads and deliver closed captions on all of their live or VoD TV content via a single URL to reach an audience of IP-enabled multi-screen devices.”