China Becoming a Major Hub for Social Media and Microblogs

China Becoming a Major Hub for Social Media and MicroblogsSocial Media in China? It’s a reality. Although there are still many bans throughout the country (Facebook is not welcome, for example), certain Social Media sites and programs have gained exceptions.

So how does China use Social Media? According to eMarketer, “The vast majority of them use social media in at least some of their marketing efforts, research shows the continued adoption of social networks in China has provided digital marketers with a solid platform through which to build brands and reach prospective customers.”

Are there many companies that utilize social media in China? eMarketer notes that “93% of digital marketers said they used social media marketing at least some of the time; one-third said they always used it in their marketing.” They add, “The same poll also found that social media is considered the leading cross-channel marketing platform in China, above search, industry verticals, portal sites and videos.

Not only has social media been a big help to marketers in China, but microblogs have been a great asset for them as well. eMarketer shared that “microblogs remain an important medium for marketers to use for reaching out to prospective customers. In an August 2013 survey of marketers in China, 81.5% of those polled considered microblogs to be the most important social media channel” WeChat is yet another social media outlet which was utilized “by 58.8% of respondents” in China.

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