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SeriouslyWe here at MMW strive to answer any questions you may have or give guidance in pertinent segments of mobile technology, advertising and marketing to all who request it, but every now and then we receive emails from readers that are just too good not to share.  As such, I’d like to share a quick email we received recently with a simple plea for help from someone struggling with advanced mobile technology:  (anonymous) writes…

Dear MMW – I’ve been trying to recieve collect calls from my boyfriend in jail.. and it doesn’t go threw can u plz help me.. thanks a lot!

While we’re solid in our belief that we know the mobile industry inside and out, collect calling from jail cells seems to fall just outside our area of expertise.  While we appreciate this individual reaching out in her time of need, I can safely say for once that I simply don’t know the answer….

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2010 IS The Year of Mobile

Another year is upon us as we now enter a new decade. In October 1999 I founded mobileStorm and by August of 2000 we officially incorporated. Those days were interesting, we took any job we could to keep the company going. We even took a job installing a wireless network in someone’s house. There was only 802.11 B back then and it was very tough trying to get a signal to the whole house. We must have been there for the entire day.  I know what were we thinking? I guess my reasoning is that it was mobile so at least it was somewhat focused. Sounds like we should have been working at the Geek Squad.

Back then we were 100% service driven; somewhere along the way I realized that we need to create a product that we can sell over and over again. This is the only thing I knew would keep us around for a long time. We didn’t really start picking up steam till we released Stun! 2.0 (now called mobileStorm, check out the waybackmachine). You could come to the site, sign up for our service, upload a database and create a campaign. We focused first on email since that was really taking off and we could barely get anyone to pay for text messaging. We took off in the nightlife industry and became the dominate player within a year. We went from making $25,000 per month (starting at $0 each month) to making $100,000 repeatedly very quickly. We knew we had something important on our hands so we started to hire friends and family, the only people we could trust to give us 100% and take as little as possible.

I have been waiting for a long time for the “Year of Mobile” to be upon us. Every new year for the past 5 years people have said, “next year is the year of mobile for sure”. However the year would come and go and decided not to take mobile with it. I always thought the year of mobile meant an explosion in mobile services, applications and products. Sure one year ringtones went crazy and the next year video games were all the rage, but mobile still didn’t have that massive consumer adoption that everyone wanted to see to officially declare it the “year of mobile”. However my friends I think it is pretty safe to say 2010 is the official year. Why? Well for the most part we needed to have a fast mobile network to fully recognize mobile’s potential. 3G is here and in a big way. Heck Sprint has a 4G network. Because of the fast speeds a little company named Apple developed the iphone and just two weeks ago it was officially announced as the most popular device. As a result of how amazing this device is you are seeing lots of innovation. The innovation has sparked consumers to buy the device and other companies seeing how much money is being made are jumping into the smart phone game (i.e. Google).

2009 was certainly the first big year businesses spent money on SMS services. We feel this trend will continue and a lot of companies will embrace SMS as another important channel and not just part of their experimental budget. We also believe MMS is going to start to gain some traction. Two weeks ago AT&T just launched the largest MMS campaign. I think carriers will start to educate consumers more on how to use this and the cost will come down. Do we need to support this? Yes, but don’t ask when. More important than MMS, LBS or Location Based Services, will really start to take shape. Currently LBS is great for social networks and “checking in” so your friends know where you are. Moving forward it seems that the carriers are finally getting over their privacy concerns (or feel they can manage them better) and are allowing LBS for commercial use. It’s all finally happening, and what a wonderful thing to watch go down after so many years of waiting and wondering.

So as you start to think about what you want to accomplish in 2010, smile because its our year, the year of mobile.

Jared Reitzin
mobileStorm Inc.

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Fashion Retailer Sees 377% ROI Using Mobile Coupons

Planet Funk, an apparel retailer with stores in California, Texas and Colorado, was facing the daunting task of bolstering its sales through what many had said would be the worst holiday shopping season in decades.

Planet Funk took a look at its primary demographic of young, hip consumers who are never without their cell phones, and decided that mobile marketing was the appropriate channel to move forward with. By combining both brick and mortar storefronts with an online presence, Planet Funk needed something that would bridge the gap and work efficiently, while also being as simple as possible to use and highly trackable. Continue Reading

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Smartphones: Heroes in a Down Mobile Market

Source: IDC

While mobile messaging profits may continue an upward trend, the market isn’t immune to recession pains. A new report from IDC’s predicts a major slow-down for the mobile phone market in 2009, but smartphones are apparently just too cool to follow the unflattering trend.

The mobile phone device market has grown sharply for years, with double-digit growth rates to show for it – the last downturn was in 2001, when they declined 2.3 percent. But in 2009, IDC predicts that we’ll see a downturn in mobile phone volumes by 1.9 percent.

More interesting for mobile marketers is that IDC expects an 8.9 percent growth of the smartphone market in 2009. We welcome this growth, as smartphones offer more ways to reach your target audience on the go. Continue Reading

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Hey, I Got Google SiteLinks Now

I think Google is starting to like me again, I discovered tonight that I have SiteLinks. Not really sure how they picked the pages that are highlighted though.

Not all sites get these, I don’t know why; I just know that I don’t always see them. Search for your Company or Blog name to see if you have them.

I checked a couple of blogs I follow to see if they have em. MobileStorm does, and theirs are all nice and neat. How’d you guys do that? Darla Mack has em too and so does MobHappy.

Do you have them?

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Blogged Digs Our Stuff RankingFrom the tooting our own horn department… I discovered this evening that Blogged has ranked Mobile Marketing Watch 5th. in the Marketing Category amongst 1,557 blogs. I’m not sure how they found us because I didn’t submit to Blogged but we apparently scored a ranking of 9.6 out of 10. Awesome!

Though, I’ve not used the site; Blogged, according to their About Page provides a blog discovery service and employs Editors to rank Blogs. Why do they do this? To filter out spam, low to poor quality, severely outdated or completely irrelevant blogs from their index.

Thanks Blogged!

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How Much Would I Charge For A Link?

Mobile Blogs That I FollowThey’re free! What? Really, they’re free. Keep reading.

I got an email today asking how much I would charge for a link in the links section on my navigation bar. Truth is, I don’t sell links and never have. Those sites all earned links by simply writing a good blog that I thought warranted a recommendation to MMW readers. So, that’s how you get there… write a good mobile blog and if I come across it and like it then your in, free of charge. If I don’t come across it email me.

I actually read several mobile related blogs daily but I don’t list them all in my Links area. Not that there’s a criteria, I just haven’t listed them all. Here are a few others that I follow and like:

What mobile blogs are you following?

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