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The New Reality for Augmented Reality in Mobile Marketing

The New Reality for Augmented Reality in Mobile MarketingLike many technological leaps before their “arrival,” augmented reality was once considered by most marketers to be gimmicky, not functional and engaging. But as advanced technology continues to play a larger role in most marketing strategies, many marketers are now taking advantage of augmented reality’s enormous potential for interactivity.

Augmented reality gives customers a fun and entertaining new way to engage with your campaign. Sure, the beginning phases may be marred by failed marketing experiments, but more sophisticated applications definitely have the potential to become incredible additions to any company’s marketing efforts.

“Augmented reality is still very much in the experimental bucket for most brands, and most of the implementations so far are still gimmicky,” John D. Fauller, of Snipp Interactive, Inc. recently told Mobile Marketer. “We’re starting to see more focused brand building campaigns using AR and eventually will start seeing truly utility applications using AR – that’s when you know it’s officially here to stay.”

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I Get Ceedo Now, It’s All About Device Centricity

Ceedo Mobile Virtualization A couple of days ago I blogged about Ceedo, and admittedly I didn’t really get it, even said so in the post. I get it now (Thanks Dror) and it’s brilliant, I can’t wait to try this out. Here’s an illustration that demonstrates the model.

Ceedo Mobile Virtualization Model

What you’re seeing in step 2 is the user having access to all of the Software that was installed on the machine in step 1 of the illustration. It doesn’t matter that Photoshop, as an example isn’t installed on the computer in step 2, what matters is that Photoshop was installed on the computer in step 1 and so its virtual copy is available when Ceedo Mobile exposes the software footprint on the computer in step 2.

This is going to be real slick, especially for the traveler that isn’t too jazzed about lugging along a laptop. For the IT geeks in the crowd Ceedo, out of the box, virtualizes applications in User mode (no drivers or messy Admin privileges) and when the User unplugs from the machine Cedoo is gone without any trace of ever being there.

I’ve exchanged email with Dror Gill, Ceedo Chief Strategy Officer and asked which handset vendors they’ve lined up. Naturally, those discussions are confidential though he indicated that they’re having conversations with top-tier handset vendors. My guess is that you’ll see this sometime real soon.

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Mobile Stuff At TechCrunch 40

Ceedo Mobile Virtualization Did anyone look at the mobile companies that demo’d at TechCrunch 40? Ceedo has a really interesting mobile virtualization product that I’m not sure I totally understand. Here’s a quote from Ceedo:

“Imagine plugging in your mobile phone to the USB port of a computer, any computer, and having it greet you by automatically launching a familiar environment preloaded with all the tools you need to edit your photos, post to your favorite blog, watch and download video content, listen to music, run your IM client and surf the web. And it does all of this in user mode, leaving none of your data behind on the host machine.”

The Ceedo virtualization technology can move your desktop tools right to your mobile device which sounds great but I’m missing something. Why would I connect my mobile phone to a PC if I’m sitting at the PC? I’m going to be more productive on the PC. The Ceedo documentation doesn’t explicitly indicate that you can connect to another PC wirelessly from the handset either which brings me back to… I’m sitting in front of the PC, what am I not getting?

I suppose I’d connect to another computer if that PC wasn’t mine and I needed to hop on a PC and get some work done via my mobile handset? But then again, it’s not my PC so perhaps my tools aren’t going to be available.

I sent Ceedo an email this evening asking them which handset manufacturers they have agreements with, that would really be interesting to see. I’d love to try this software out too!

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