Can TV Marketers Relax? Cord Cutting Trend May Not Be That Bad

nielsen2“Despite a rapidly evolving media landscape where consumers have more choices than ever in the way they consume video entertainment, traditional TV still reigns as the preferred platform globally,” reports Nielsen in release shared with MMW on Wednesday.

The latest data from Nielsen show just over one-quarter of global online respondents (26%) say they pay to watch broadcast or VOD programming via subscription to an online-service provider such as Hulu, Netflix or Amazon, compared with 72% who say they pay to watch via a traditional TV connection.

So can TV ad buys relax a bit? Perhaps. Indeed, the eyeballs aren’t going away.

North America and Asia-Pacific lead the way, with 35% of respondents in North America and 32% in Asia-Pacific indicating they pay an online-service provider for programming content. Self-reported usage in Europe falls well below the global average, with a response rate of 11%. Just over one-fifth of online respondents in Latin America and the Middle East/Africa say they subscribe to an online-service provider (21% each).

“Today’s media landscape is complex, but the growth of video-on-demand programming services can create opportunities for all players in the media ecosystem,” said Megan Clarken, president, Nielsen Product Leadership. “For audiences, advertisers and content providers alike, advantage will be gained with an in-depth and keen understanding of not just how consumer viewing dynamics are changing, but why they are changing. Two things were never truer than they are today: Content will always be king, and consumers will continue to demand greater control and customization of the viewing experience. Providers who exceed standards on both fronts will have an advantage.”