Building And Branding Your Business With LinkedIn

Building And Branding Your Business With LinkedInBuilding And Branding Your Business With LinkedIn

As a small business owner, social media marketing is something you will need to play an active role in. Even if you only choose a handful of social media platforms to participate in, LinkedIn is a must. In order to build your brand and business on LinkedIn and successfully source candidates, follow the tips below courtesy of recent business and marketing strategies outlined by North American Bancard.

Tip 1. Create A Compelling Personal Profile And Company Page

In theory, LinkedIn is an online resume of sorts. But LinkedIn allows you to be far less formal, and for the personality and culture of your company to shine through. To do this successfully, fill out your personal profile including a paragraph or two that speaks more about you than your job history and specific skill sets. Once your personal profile is complete, fill out a company page in a creative and compelling manner. Ensure you pick clear and inviting images for both your personal profile and your company page. Think of your company page not just as a social media marketing tool, but has a secondary website.

Tip 2. Join And Stay Active In Industry Groups

The next step for successful social media marketing on LinkedIn is to join relevant industry groups, and participate in them on a regular basis. This includes commenting on posts, posting links to interesting and relevant external sites (not your website), and responding to others when they comment on something you have posted. Staying active in industry groups will increase your exposure, and put you higher on perspective client and customers radar.

Tip 3. Increase Your LinkedIn Exposure

To increase your exposure on LinkedIn, consider adding your LinkedIn URL to your business card, the signature of your emails, and make sure that there is a link to your LinkedIn page on your website and other online materials. Also stay in the habit of adding new connections, and endorsing your connections, which will increase your endorsements too.

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