Breaking News: Facebook Inks Deal with Bango as Rumors of Mobile Payments Swirl

On Wednesday, Bango announced that it has entered into an agreement with Facebook to provide payment services to the social network giant.

In an ultra-elusive confirmation of the partnership, neither Bango or Facebook will say what services Bango will provide to Facebook or why Facebook may require such services.

As a leading mobile payment and analytics solutions firm, Bango will only confess that its “too early in the relationship to accurately forecast the level of business which it may generate.”

As a result of the announcement, however, the rumor mill is spinning strong this morning as some market watchers and social media analysts believe that Facebook, which recently filed to go public, is on the verge of implementing an in-app payment services and operator billing platform via Facebook’s formidable mobile presence.

Presently, Facebook has 435 million users globally who are active on Facebook primarily through the social network’s various mobile applications and access points.

Facebook’s IPO-related filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission last week says the company plans to raise $5 billion.