Branch Rolls Out Pioneering Cross-Channel Mobile Marketing Solution

Why Ad Networks Are Breaching Your IO Agreement, and How to Resolve the 6 Common Compliance IssuesBranch, a mobile linking platform, has just announced the launch of a new suite of premium mobile marketing solutions to help businesses drive app growth and engagement.

The new solutions, Journeys Web to App Marketing (Journeys) and Deep Linked Email, enable businesses to leverage Branch deep links across major marketing channels with personalized user experiences and integrated attribution data.

The Branch premium solutions fill a critical gap in the mobile marketing landscape by unifying the user experience across digital channels to the native app.

Top mobile brands such as FOX Sports, Jet, Pinterest, theCHIVE, Touch of Modern, 8tracks, Redfin, and TicketMaster have reportedly all relied on Branch to power deep linking from web to app and in other marketing channels.

“We’re thrilled to unveil the Branch premium solutions to help businesses deliver a personalized and delightful experience to their mobile users,” says Alex Austin, Branch CEO and co-founder. “With the fragmentation of the user experience under the mobile context, marketers have been struggling to deliver a consistent message. Branch’s robust deep linking technology, accessed by billions of users everyday, provides the perfect platform to solve this issue, eliminating all of the complexity and creating a unifying user experience.”