Braintree’s New Brainchild is One Touch Payments For Mobile Apps

Innovating in the mobile payments space today as few others can, Braintree – a leading platform for online and mobile commerce – is behind a new venture called Venmo Touch.

The service enables one touch payments across multiple applications. The goal, needless to say, is to speed up checkout and general payment experiences for smartphone owners.

Venmo Touch is said to save consumers the hassle of having to re-enter payment information on a mobile device across merchants in the Braintree network.

The company is releasing Venmo Touch in private beta for select Braintree clients, with HotelTonight, TaskRabbit, Wrapp and several others enabling the service for their customers over the coming weeks.

“Filling out forms and entering payment information on a mobile device is a real hassle for users,” says Bill Ready, CEO of Braintree. “Each time a user downloads a new app, the user needs to re-enter payment information, creating frustration for users and a huge obstacle in the user sign-up process for apps. Venmo Touch lets you store payment information once and then use it across multiple apps without requiring users to sign-up or download a separate app. This makes the payment and sign-up process much easier.”

To learn more, check out the Braintree website.