BlackBerry Back with More for Enterprise Community

BlackBerry Back with More for Enterprise CommunityOn Thursday, the enterprise community is taking a close look at what BlackBerry unveiled yesterday.

The Canadian mobile communications company just announced the availability of two new enterprise solutions bundles that provide “increased productivity and collaboration benefits to enterprises at a reduced cost.”

The company says its Secure Productivity bundle for BlackBerry 10 smartphones and the cross-platform Enterprise Communicator bundle are both available today.

“BlackBerry’s new enterprise solutions represent a unique offering to enterprises that are looking to extend more productivity benefits to their employees,” says Rob Enderle of Enderle Group. “As mobile computing continues to change the way employees work, these solutions will enable increased collaboration between users as well as access to critical company information, without compromising security and control.”

The Secure Productivity bundle has been designed for organizations using BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 or BES12: a cross-platform EMM solution by BlackBerry that need to protect mission-critical business data while offering employees seamless access to company information on their BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

The Enterprise Communicator bundle, on the other hand, extends secure communications and mobile collaboration to iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices enabling employees to be more productive on the go.

For more information on the Secure Productivity bundle, click here. For insight on the Enterprise Communicator bundle, click here.