Bing Matches Yahoo as Internet’s Second Top Search Engine

Microsoft’s Bing is steadily climbing the Internet ladder to become the no. 2 search engine on the web.

According to Matt McGee of Search Engine Land, “Bing’s slow growth in US search market share continues, and Microsoft’s two-and-a-half-year-old search engine is now practically neck-and-neck with Yahoo.”

Bing’s battle with Yahoo, however, strikes some as peculiar, particularly in light of the fact that Bing powers Yahoo search. And just last year, both companies struck a 10-year deal that will keep Bing in business with Yahoo on a number of fronts.

Still, despite Bing’s tremendous growth since its inception, Google remains the top dog of search engines by a wide margin, according to comScore data.

While both Yahoo and Bing now each control about 15 percent of the search engine market, 65 percent still belongs to Google alone – more than Yahoo and Bing put together.

“For comparison to last year,” McGee writes, “comScore measured Google’s market share at 66.2 percent in November 2010, while Yahoo was at 16.4 percent and Bing at 11.8 percent.”

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