BIA: US Mobile Advertising Revenue Set To Grow To $3B By 2014, Up From $491M In 2009

Another day, another forecast for the red hot mobile advertising market.  BIA/Kelsey has published a report indicating the US mobile advertising market will produce nearly $3B in 2014 — up substantially from the $491M posted in 2009.

Breaking things down during the forecast period; the research firm expects US mobile search ad revenues to grow from $59 million to $1.6 billion, US mobile display ad revenues to grow from $206 million to $803 million, and US mobile SMS ad revenues to grow from $226 million to $562 million.  It’s interesting that mobile search is predicted to produce the highest revenue over mobile display and even SMS — likely stemming from the huge growth in local mobile search that’s long been predicted.

Speaking of local, BIA/Kelsey expects US mobile local advertising revenues to grow from $213 million in 2009 to $2.03 billion in 2014.  This represents 44 percent of total US mobile ad revenues in 2009, growing to 69 percent in 2014.  The research firm said that as mobile advertising moves to the SMB and mid-market segments, there will be an increase in advertiser adoption as well as a growth in geo-targeted ad spends.  The full report is available here.