Bank of America Confirms Pilot with Visa

As MMW reported earlier this month, Bank of America has an aggressive mobile strategy in the works for its customers. Today, we got a taste of what that strategy will at least partially involve.

Visa confirmed Thursday that Bank of America has agreed to offer Visa’s digital wallet service called and has begun piloting it to its online banking customers.

Bank of America customers can enroll in Visa’s service through online banking.

This service gives customers the ability to make simple and secure online payments without the hassle of constantly entering card account number, bill-to and ship-to information.

“We look at everything through the lens of the customer and continue to prioritize security, privacy, and fraud protection above all else,” said David Godsman, an executive with Bank of America. “We believe our customers shouldn’t have to forgo security for convenience when using a digital wallet. offers customers a greatly simplified and secure checkout process when shopping online without sharing their financial information.”