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USA WEEKEND, Whrrl May Overcome Dwindling News Ad Revenue

A location-based app could rescue newspapers that have seen ad revenue shrivel this past decade.

USA WEEKEND, the magazine that takes over when national newspaper USA Today breaks from its weekday schedule, has started a mobile shopper marketing program. Using Pelago’s Whrrl location and game app, the publication will build custom societies for marketers. Readers who join these societies can use the service, while shopping at major retailers, to view relevant content from USA WEEKEND and exclusive brand messages; share product recommendations with other members; and check into stores to earn rewards and win prizes.

It’s an interesting way for USA WEEKEND to offer extra value to advertisers. That’s important since marketers are less likely to buy newspaper ads these days. It’s also a good way to court tech-savvy readers who prefer reading online (thus never seeing print ads or print specials like coupons), especially if the reader uses his or her smart phone to access the magazine’s online version.

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10,000 Free Jeans Quite A ‘Deal’

Major companies are committed to making Facebook Deals–the social network’s answer to Foursquare–a success.

Gap alone is offering 10,000 free pairs of jeans to consumers who use Deals, an extension of Facebook’s Places mobile feature, to check into 900 of the chain’s nationwide stores. Notes AdAge, Deals combines location-based check-in services, such as Foursquare, with local group deals services, such as Groupon. It has been launched with 22 major brands–like Starbucks, McDonald’s, H&M and Gap–and 20,000 small-to-medium-sized businesses.

“It’s important for us to connect with our customers where they are,” Gap spokeswoman Olivia Doyne told AdAge. “This can be used in so many ways. If a store has too much inventory, we can use Deals for that. We can tailor the deals to our customers’ locations.”

The Deals feature–and its enthusiastic embrace by big-name companies–could be what gets general consumers to adopt LBS en masse. Continue Reading

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Want Sunny Days Sweeping The Clouds Away? There’s An App For That

The tune “Who Are The People In Your Neighborhood” may have been a rudimentary LBS app.

The kids’ show Sesame Street recently debuted the fictional iPogo–in song, of course, which has the title “There’s An App For That.” The ditty, about a pogo stick that can do so much more, is clearly meant to teach children rhyming and to increase their vocabulary–the wonders of their parents’ smart phones being just gravy.

I’m not terribly surprised; after all, a former boss’ infant daughter a few years ago used to crawl across the floor to get to his iPhone–and only his iPhone, other handsets being of no interest to the baby girl.

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Yellowbook, Milo Create Double Dose Of LBS

A yellow pages-like directory of local businesses. A way to find out which of those businesses have sought-out products in stock. Respectively, Yellowbook and aim to offer a hyper-local and hyper-convenience shopping experience.

Yellowbook’s local search capability–now powered by–lets shoppers quickly locate where a product is currently available for purchase, and also compare prices from different local retailers. And the barcode-scanning feature of Yellowbook’s Android app (soon there will be an app for iPhones and iPads) enables users to scan a product’s barcode to get local availability and pricing information. provides all of the details needed to decide which product to buy and where it’s currently in-stock.

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CIGNA Creates Mobile Directory Of Health Providers

The health insurance company CIGNA is making it much less daunting for its customers to find in-network specialists and figure the best place to buy their medications.

CIGNA Mobile makes it much easier to find, say, a dermatologist or oncologist after a routine general checkup uncovers an odd-looking mole. Accessible by any Internet-capable phone, the directory lists a million health care professionals in the company’s network. Also, the directory reveals pricing on medications at 60,000 pharmacies across the United States. It also helps patients figure out which medications are covered under their plans, and offers other answers about coverage based on the consumer’s own insurance package.

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Multi-Mobile Campaign For Lionsgate’s ‘For Colored Girls’ Launches

The movie studio Lionsgate is implementing a variety of mobile marketing techniques to promote its new movie For Colored Girls–showing an understanding of how to best reach consumers on their phones.

Using Augme Technologies’ interactive media marketing platform, the marketing strategy utilizes both QR barcodes and a text-messaging campaign. The barcodes will be printed on For Colored Girls movie posters and can be scanned by any smart phone, directing consumers to a full mobile site and other images and information related to the film. As for the text-messaging campaign, any cell phone with SMS capability and Internet access can be used to send the keyword COLORS to the short code 30333, in order to receive links to the mobile site.

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Mobile Health Expo Winners: Consumer Privacy, Convenience Key

Mobile health care both intrigues and frightens. The technology can streamline care and make it easier, for example by allowing remote access to health records and instant communications between patients and care-givers. But it also scares privacy advocates who worry that sensitive information might be displayed for all to see, possibly even be used for identity theft.

At Mobile Health Expo 2010 in Las Vegas last week, winning companies either exemplified the benefits of the technology or addressed critics’ concerns. “We are just starting to see the first phase of how mobile health is impacting the relationships between patient, provider and technology,” Wendy Thomas, founder and CEO of Mobile Health Expo, said in a release. “The Mobile Health Expo 2010 Award winners have made meaningful contributions to help medical providers deliver health care and to help patients manage their health leveraging the latest advancements in mobile health technology.”

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