Australia Deemed One of World’s ‘Most Advanced’ Mobile Advertising Markets

While many comparisons are often made between the United States and Australia, once mobile advertisers in the US read the findings of InMobi’s latest study, they’ll likely wish the US was a lot more like Australia – at least as it pertains to consumer acceptance of mobile marketing.

InMobi, the world’s largest independent mobile ad network, in partnership with comScore, released Australian results from its 14 country, 20,000 consumer study “A Global Perspective on Mobile Advertising.”

And the findings are quite interesting.

Australians, according to the report, are the most comfortable with mobile advertising of any country in the world. 75% of Australians comment they are either “very comfortable” or “somewhat comfortable” with mobile advertising.

Of the 14 countries studied across Europe, Africa, Asia, and the US, Australians were the most comfortable consumers in the world and a full +10 points higher than the US (65%).

“Australia is clearly one of the world’s leading markets when it comes to mobile advertising,” says James Lamberti, Vice President of Research and Marketing at InMobi. “Consumers are highly accepting of mobile advertising likely due to the immersive and rich experiences available on iPhone, and more recently Android, devices that prevail in this highly evolved market.”

The research also found that Australia “is one of the most technically advanced markets in the world.”

Australia’s iPhone OS ad impression share of 42% is “significantly higher” than the US at 19%, or even Europe at 30%.

“This advanced state of consumer handset technology is likely a key factor in the positive consumer experience with mobile advertising occurring in the market,” the report noted.

To learn about InMobi and its research, you can check out the official InMobi website.