Attorneys Gain New Digital Advertising Program Service

BusinessCreator, Inc. — an established leader in local search marketing, mobile marketing, social marketing and video marketing — announced this week the launch of a new Digital Advertising Program.

The service, we’re told, was created to utilize the power of Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising to increase the number of phone calls to a law firm.

“The goal of the new program is to drive more phone calls with digital advertising,” says company president Edward Kundahl. “Wouldn’t you like to start generating new High Quality Leads for your law firm from people searching the Internet looking for your specific practice area and location?”

Kundahl continued, “We use the latest technology-Programmatic Search & Display, Click to call ads, highly optimized Mobile landing pages, location extensions, geo-fencing and site retargeting. Facebook is now the second largest search engine. It cannot be ignored as part of anyone’s marketing strategy. We have a great relationship with both Google and Facebook, which helps us provide a better ROI from both platforms. Technology is important to us. Programmatic buying is quicker, smarter and more efficient. Our client’s dollar goes farther resulting in better ROI.”

“Our geo-fencing is a tactic used to put targeted display ads in front of users based on a very specific geographical boundary and track them to your business. Its advantages are pinpoint accuracy with custom geo-fence shapes and sizes, variable recency (from instant to 30 days), boost mobile performance and reach, retarget clients who visit or commute through any geo-fenced location, and track off-line or “last mile” conversions to measure your campaign’s effectiveness,” continued Kundahl.