AppTech Unveils Much Hyped Mobile Marketing Tool for Android Phones

AppTech was the buzz of the mobile tech world Thursday as the company rolled out “ReconAge,” a mobile age recognition app for Android-powered devices.

The application, which is free and available now for download from the Android Market, recognizes the approximate age of a person by making use of real time face recognition biometric systems online.

Pretty nifty, indeed – especially with regard to the mobile marketing implications the app and its underlying technology deliver.

“We’re changing the face of mobile marketing. AppTech is uniting brilliant minds around this idea. With the launch of ReconAge, we intend to introduce the usefulness of biometric algorithms applied to mobile devices in the field of marketing. The possibilities are virtually limitless,” says AppTech Corp’s CEO Elias Rocha. “Mastering this highly complex combination of biometrics and mobile communication positions AppTech at the forefront of mobile apps development.”

According to details presented in today’s formal announcement, the app in question is the result of the “close cooperation” with Cognitec Tecnologia Brazil, owner of the FaceMidia patent, and data processing specialist BrScan Tecnologia.

FaceMidia is described as a “highly advanced advertising engine.”

“Now, advertisers will be able to ascertain the age, gender, and ethnicity of their audience and evaluate whether they are advertising the right products to the right demographics,” AppTech said in today’s announcement.