Apple Purchases Innovative Young Startup

Apple Purchases Innovative Young StartupNews emerged Thursday that Apple has purchased a young startup that rose to fame for having built a promising personal assistant app called Cue.

The app, however, was shut down this week, raising speculation that the company behind the iPhone app had been acquired.

As it turns out, there was definitely an acquisition.
Sources close to the deal say Apple paid between $35-$50 million for the company, which formerly operated under the name Greplin.

Greplin turned into Cue last year and relied heavily on user e-mails to create a personal agenda. Cue had previously raised a $10 million round in November of 2012 from Index Ventures, which the startup chose not to announce.


Apple has confirmed the acquisition but not its plan for the company and its employees.

According to TechCrunch, Cue is similar to Google Now and Apple’s new iOS 7 contextual notifications, although Cue launched before those respective services.