Apple Pulls Chomp Compatibility for Android

Several months ago, rumors began swirling that Apple had acquired discovery app Chomp as part of an ongoing effort to deliver search improvements to the App Store.

Chomp, if you’re not familiar, uses a nifty little algorithm to sift, sort, and organize apps in order to recommend them to users based on what the mobile device owner is looking for.

Since February, when Apple reportedly paid some $50 million for the firm, little has changed. But as more time passes, Apple is making it quite evident that the company wishes to keep its newest property all to itself.

Over the weekend, users began reporting that Chomp no longer serves up suggestions for Android apps. That is, Apple has effectively axed Chomp’s Android feature.

While no shortage of Android users have been frustrated by this development, Chomp is the property of Apple and iDevice fans say the company doesn’t owe loyalty to anyone other than iOS users.

Do you agree with Apple’s apparent decision or should Android users still be catered to through Chomp’s service? Please weigh in with a thought or comment below.