Apple Loses Engineering Talent to Volkswagen

Apple Loses Engineering Talent to VolkswagenAt a time when it seems that all we hear is news of top automotive talent going to Apple, this story is a reversal of sorts.

A former top engineering talent at Apple, Johann Jungwirth, has just been appointed Head of Digitalization Strategy at the Volkswagen Group.

The former Apple engineer’s appointment took effect November 1st, we’ve learned.

Jungwirth moved to the Volkswagen Group from the American IT corporation Apple and reports direct to Matthias Müller, CEO of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft. With the new function and the appointment of Jungwirth, Volkswagen is strongly reinforcing its position in digitalization, which is a very important future field for the automotive industry.

Prior to landing his newest job, Jungwirth was named Director of Mac Systems Engineering at Apple in 2014.

“He was responsible for innovation in design and engineering in product development as well as hiring, growing and leading a multicultural research & development team and supporting the Special Projects Group,” a press release from the auto maker explains.