Apple Launching a New iPhone… Today?

Apple Launching a New iPhone... TodayRumor has it we may see a new iPhone… today.

But in case you’re expecting the next-gen iPhone 6, you’ll need to hold your horses.

Apple is supposedly planning to introduce an 8GB model of the iPhone 5C.

“The iPhone 5c has been a failed experiment for Apple, as evidenced by nearly everything we’ve seen regarding the colorful device since it launched last year,” BGR reported last night. “As inventory has piled up, huge discounts have swept through virtually every retailer carrying the underpowered smartphone, but one report signals that Apple hasn’t given up on the 5c quite yet.”

But Apple isn’t ready to abandon the low-end iPhone just yet.

Consequently, if Apple does indeed proceed with the release of an 8GB model, the device may be the lowest priced “new iPhone” to date. Although it likely won’t provide Apple with any groundbreaking sales, it could go a long way to introduce new buyers to a product that, until now, they couldn’t afford.

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