An Apple Rumor Worth Getting 'Charged' Up About

An Apple Rumor Worth Getting 'Charged' Up AboutAlthough Apple impressed the world of wearables on Tuesday with the unveiling of its inaugural smartwatch, consumers won’t be able to get their hands on Apple Watch until “early 2015.”

And if a new rumor coming to light in the last 24 hours is accurate, it’s easy to understand why Apple isn’t rushing the release of its first smartwatch.

“Sources tell me that Apple isn’t yet happy with the watch’s battery life, which isn’t going to break any industry standards,” Re/Code‘s John Paczkowski writes.

Unwilling to release Apple Watch with a disappointing battery life, Apple is said to be working overtime to bolster its battery’s overall strength and durability.

Apple spokeswoman Nat Kerris told Re/Code that Apple Watch users will likely need to charge their device once per day.