Amobee Touts New PULSE Create platform

Amobee today announced the launch of Amobee PULSE Create, a mobile ad creation platform.

According to the mobile ad giant, advertisers and publishers can now create innovative rich media and 3D mobile ad campaigns.

“Amobee PULSE Create marks the first of many,” the company says. “It is the first full-scale creative ad platform that is fully integrated with Amobee PULSE for Publishers, which gives publishers the unique ability to measure performances of rich media and 3D mobile ad campaigns.”

Amobee PULSE Create will be made available to all advertisers and agencies, giving them exclusive access to PULSE 3D and PULSE Rich Media technology. Rich media ads generated by PULSE Create will be MRAID compliant, and can therefore run on any large network.

“Amobee continues to push the envelope and offers the best-of-breed mobile advertising platform,” says Trevor Healy, Amobee CEO. “3D is a game changer in mobile advertising. 3D ads engage mobile users and deliver results in ways never seen before. By tightly integrating PULSE Create into our PULSE for Publisher platform, we can now demonstrate how much more effective 3D ads are, and deliver unprecedented results.”

Amobee says the platform is particularly attractive because of the opportunities it bestows. 3D and rich media mobile ads result in increased time spent in-ad, and better results, the company argues

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