Americans to Give Thanks to Twitter on Thanksgiving

Millions of Americans will give thanks tomorrow for the joys and blessings that fill their lives.

And some of the things that folks will be thankful for are social networks like Twitter.

“In a world of constant Facebook updates, dozens of daily Instagram posts and a seemingly never-ending stream of tweets,” USA Today reports, “it might seem odd to be thankful for the ever-prying eye of social media. However, for some people, those 140 characters have been life-enhancing, and they’re grateful for having a lightning-fast way of staying connected to the world around them.”

The report in question goes on to highlight several individuals who were aided in no shortage of key ways by the social network this past year.

Take case study Chris Hodgson, for example. The Ohio-based restaurateur found and recovered his stolen food truck in October thanks to an APB on Twitter.

As it turns out, similar stories are as plentiful as the cranberry sauce on Thanksgiving.

“What is so special about (Twitter) is the way that it removes historical barriers around communication and gives voice to people and things that have never happened before. When you remove those barriers, anything can happen and we see really amazing things happen all the time, whether it’s entire political movements abroad or one stranger helping another stranger,” says Rachael Horowitz, a senior manager for Twitter. “You never know what every day will bring when people around the globe are able to connect in real time and have a voice in a way that they didn’t before.”

Are you thankful for Twitter or another social network this year? If so, please share a thought or comment below.

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