Amazon Signs with Bango for Rumored Mobile Payments Deal

Neither Amazon or mobile phone payments company Bango will offer elaborate comment, but both companies have partnered up for the purpose of providing “services.”

Pretty vague, huh?

Bango, in the company’s only formal acknowledgement of the deal, will simply say that “it has signed an agreement to provide services to Amazon. The terms of this agreement are not being disclosed. The Board believes it is too early in the relationship to accurately forecast the level of business which it may generate.”

The assumption, of course, is that Bango will provide a carrier billing service to Amazon for its flourishing Amazon App Store for Android. Others believe that since the Kindle Fire is a Wi-Fi only device, Amazon may be planning a 3G version of the tablet, which would then explain the need for Bango’s “services.”

All told, it remains to be seen how this mystery deal will ultimately manifest. A Bango spokesperson says “commercial sensitivities” are preventing any further details from being divulged at this time.

“This was very much just a regulatory announcement that Bango was required to release as it is a publicly quoted company. We hope to be able to release more information in 2012,” the rep for Bango tells TechCrunch.