Amazon Officially Enters The Mobile Advertising Business

Amazon on Monday announced the launch of the Amazon Mobile Ads API for developers. This news officially puts the online retail giant on a crash course with other leading mobile ad networks which offer their developers lucrative mobile advertising opportunities.

For now, the Mobile Ads API will provide in-app advertising only to U.S. viewers of Android apps.

Amazon says its Mobile Ads API (Beta) offers:

  • Great monetization opportunity with competitive eCPM
  • High-quality ads from Amazon and brand advertisers
  • Easy integration and revenue tracking through a single portal
  • Distribution at scale through Amazon and other Android platforms

The Amazon Mobile Ads API serves ads to U.S. users and works with mobile apps on Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, and Android phones and tablets. Apps that use the Amazon Mobile Ads API may be distributed through any Android platform as long as they are distributed through the Amazon Mobile App Distribution Program.

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