Aeromexico Picks Akana for Its API-Based Digital Transformation to Digital

Aeromexico Picks Akana for Its API-Based Digital Transformation to DigitalAeromexico, Mexico’s flag carrier, has selected Akana’s API management platform to enable its transformation into a digital enterprise.

The selling points?

Secure and manageable application programming interfaces (APIs) for Aeromexico. Reportedly, Akana provides the airline with opportunities to be more agile in its IT operations while safely exposing multiple backend systems and data sources to partner firms.

“API management is part of a much broader effort to transform the airline into a real digital enterprise, but it’s an absolutely critical aspect of the process,” said Benjamin Hernandez, CIO of Aeromexico. “How you connect with the outside world — and how efficiently you can do it — is a make or break proposition for an organization of this size and complexity.”

“Akana’s technologies give us a lot of confidence that we will be able to reap the rewards of digital business economically and securely,” Hernandez added.

A news release shared with MMW ahead of the weekend explains that Aeromexico “employs APIs and Akana’s API Management to extend its digital ecosystem. APIs make it possible for Aeromexico to expand its mobile app program and make it possible for partners, such as hotel chains and cruise ship lines, to tap into Aeromexico’s systems in real time.”

Word is now that external developers will be able to make apps and websites that can access Aeromexico APIs.

“We are excited to be part of Aeromexico’s transformation,” said Roberto Medrano, Executive Vice President of Akana. “Aeromexico is a very forward-looking organization, with ambitious goals for the digital future of travel.”