Adscend Media Takes Wraps Off of AdWall

Adscend MediaAdscend Media just announced their rewards and point based product called AdWall.

According to details shared with MMW, AdWall allows mobile and desktop publishers to provide an ad sponsored solution to pay for virtual goods and virtual perks.

This reward-based system allows users to participate in, and complete offers or small online tasks, in exchange for points. The points can then be used to purchase digital rewards determined by the publisher, such as games, upgrades, or eBooks.

What makes AdWall particularly unique is that the tasks to be completed are automatically geo-targeted. AdWall is easy for publishers to set up, is free for consumers, and is a “fun new way to engage.”

The addition of AdWall is expected to expand Adscend Media’s presence in the 180 countries where it is already established.

“AdWall combines an extremely engaging ad format, our extensive publisher network, and pay-for-performance pricing. If you need global leads for your app, game, service, or product at competitive rates, AdWall should be in your ad spend conversation,” says Adscend Media CEO Fehzan Ali.