AdPlotter Brings Classified Ads to the Cloud

An innovative new cloud based-platform is breathing new life into the dated classified ad. Thanks to the team behind AdPlotter, online classified advertisers now have an opportunity to …

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AdPlotter Brings Classified Ads to the CloudAn innovative new cloud based-platform is breathing new life into the dated classified ad. Thanks to the team behind AdPlotter, online classified advertisers now have an opportunity to post on hundreds of sites simultaneously.

Businesses and individuals all over the world use online classified ads daily to drive leads and sales. In the past, this marketing process has been very time consuming. Okay, it’s been ridiculously time consuming. But that was then. And this is now.

Online sellers will now have a better option from a new ad-posting engine called AdPlotter.

This unique system allows advertisers to list an item for sale, select the category where it is to appear, upload the images, then quickly and easily simultaneous post to hundreds of high traffic classified ad sites at once.

In short, AdPlotter claims to put an end to the tedious visiting of each classified ad site and labor intensively uploading the same copy and offer over and over again, AdPlotter offers a one-stop posting tool.

According to JB Internet Holdings Corp. CEO Joel Sauceda, who’s company is behind this new offering, there is enormous potential in this particular platform.

“As a long time online marketer, I always dreamed of a program capable of eliminating the repetitive steps to posting classified ads on many websites and finally realized I would have to direct my team to create it, because no reliable alternative existed,” Sauceda says.

That dream is now a reality.

To mark the official launch the new service, individuals and businesses can try it for free by visiting the company’s website here.

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    This Adplotter is Truely Awesome!  I found out more here –

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    Imagine being able to post an ad for your product/business ANYTIME, ANYWHERE in the world..& having that 1 post appear on 1000’s of free classified sites!

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    Trying to manange an online busines – Adplotter will lighten the load and give me more time

    for otherr posibilities. Come AdPlotter   Come soon

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    If you have been dreaming of successful sales online or off.
    here is your chance to fulfill that dream.
    take your free trial today if your not in you can’t win.
    welcome to the winners circle.

  5.    Reply and are *Must Have’s for ALL Online Shoppers & SELLERS!

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    Was waiting for a product like this for a long time. Finally it seems like we have a winner here!

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    AdPlotter is a word that will be spreading like wildfire. Businesses on & offline please take note! This will revolutionise the way you find customers.

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    This could be a good solution for many businesses who are short on man power. One person can do the work of many with this system and could increase the sales for pawn shops, flea markets, antique shops and many others.

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    Everybody who is into business – This is a MUST if you see the time& money you are investing to reach a mass amount of viewers and potential customers.

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    I have to say, this company has spent years and a lot of money in there drive to make this the premium software on the market. The support of a dedicated group of people and the drive of the company will make this one of the stories of the decade. I’m happy to be involved in this through the ups and downs. If you want to know more about it join me here.

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    This new service will make a lot of people’s marketing and advertising efforts so much easier. Do yourself a favour and take if for a free test drive. I think you will be impressed. You will not need to spend hours and hours posting your items for sale in the ever growing number of free classified ad sites AdPlotter will do it all for you with a few clicks of your mouse. Its a beautiful thing that has taken years to develop and nobody else has this but JB Internet Holdings! some of course claim they do but fall so short in delivery.

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    Wow! After many years of twists and turns and hard work the solution is now at hand. Looking forward to having this great tool and service!

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    This will enable marketers to go to a whole new level and people that want to sell online as well.

    I’m so looking forward to this coming out and using it. I’m going to join. How about you. Want to join in then sign up here. and get in at the start

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    If you don’t try this, you will never know. It took years of development but it can change your in a minute and forever. The fact that it is going to be on a Cell Phone app also…… Man, think what you can do with it!!

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    At last… comes the time to end my advertising problems. A great new tool for me and  every marketers must have!

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    WOW! Up, up and away.

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    Having been lucky enough to try this absolutely awesome tool in the beginning and before it got all the new additions, I have to say it will really surprise people with what it can do and how simple it is to use.
    Certainly give it a try if you do any classified advertising at all.

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    If you sell things on the internet or market
    opportunites, you owe it to yourself to check this out! This is a no brainer
    tool to jump your business to a whole new level.

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    This will be a must have tool for marketeers all over the world. I’m looking forward to having it here in Brasil.

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    There is nothing like this on the market today.  Online classifieds is now a whole new game.

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    i have tried all the rubbish listing sites out there! but this looks very promising can’t wait

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    This will take marketing to a whole new level and enhance any type of business!  I am personally looking forward to expanding my own business through this cloud based resource!

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    Revolutionary application when time is at the essence.

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    This will revolutionize the Classified Ad Industry. Join! This is something I have been waiting for!

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    This will revolutionize the Classified Ad Industry. Its a No Brainer to Join!

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    This is something I have been waiting for! I am excited to try this!