4INFO Reinstated For Verizon Customers

4INFO Reinstated For Verizon CustomersThe dispute between 4INFO and Verizon seems to have been resolved, and access to 4INFO’s 44636 short code will be restored tomorrow morning, Dec. 10th for all Verizon Wireless customers.

Details have been limited as to what exactly the problem was, but it had to do with the types of ads 4INFO was placing in its messages.  “Premium cross-promotion advertising” was cited by Verizon as the main issue regarding the blockage.

In a letter sent to 4INFO CEO Zaw Thet today, Verizon wrote “we are pleased you have removed all premium cross-promotion advertising from your service, or ‘“text2shortcode’” advertising as described in your letter, and that you are committed to ensuring all such advertising remains eliminated going forward.”

While vague, Verizon said their decision to block 4INFO’s messages on Friday was “all about the consumer.”  The company explained further in its letter to 4INFO that “there’s a long history of deceptive advertising practices related to premium short code campaigns, which has resulted in many class action lawsuits, consumer protection investigations and harm to consumers, and we are committed to protecting our customers from such practices and to abiding by industry standards.”