4 Mobile Apps That Can Stop Social Media From Haunting Job Seekers

4 Mobile Apps That Can Stop Social Media From Haunting Job SeekersWith over 800 million people actively using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on mobile, sharing photos, locations and status updates is an everyday occurrence for many people across the world. However, as American high school students apply for college and recent college graduates look for jobs, recruiters and employers are using the internet as an important reference tool.

Millennials, or those born between the 1980s and early 2000s, are quickly learning that one inappropriate photo or tweet can potentially hinder their future.

With the notion that people shouldn’t be leaving a trail of their actions online, more people are using the following applications like the new Instagram Direct or CallSnap to avoid being tracked:

1.       CallSnap: CallSnap is an Android app launched by TIP Solutions that allows call recipients to instantly respond to an incoming call with a photo. The caller will receive a text message announcing ‘Busy right now…CallSnap photo on the way!’ It is perfect for any situation where answering a phone may be difficult, and still allows users to send a photo without posting it to social media.

2.       Snapchat: Users can snap a photo or a video, add a caption to it and then send it to all of their friends, letting them know what they are doing. Snapchat photos and videos are deleted after 1-10 seconds of being sent to the recipient, which allows users to show off what they are doing, while the evidence is erased in seconds.

3.       Instagram Direct: The most popular app for visual communication, Instagram has improved their app with the option to send private photos and videos to select friends.  Users are allowed to send this direct image or video to up to 15 friends at a time and can then view who has liked and commented on the direct message. This new feature helps users share those special or relevant moments with a smaller group of friends who can appreciate it as well.

4.     Wink!: Wink! allows users to photo chat with their friends on their phone by sending photos with captions to any of their contacts. It also allows recipients to comment on those photos.  Each photo lasts as long as the user wants and is private from anyone but friends.

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