2017: The Year That Mobile Begins Mattering Most in Marketing

Five years ago, mobile marketing was all but a tiny blip on the typical market’s radar. But five years from now, it will be the biggest.

According to a new report from Experian Marketing Services, in 2017, mobile will account for at least 50% of marketing budgets.

So why 2017 and not 2013? Based on the assessment offered by Experian in a published report today, marketers are presently “hampered by their lack of understanding of the medium and difficulties in quantifying return on investment.”

“There’s some confusion and difficulty when it comes to budget allocation,” says Dave Audley, Head of research and consulting at Experian. “Marketers are finding its quite difficult to quantify return on investment by channel. Organisations are reluctant or not committing to investing in the [mobile] channel just yet until they fell confident that they can measure the return that they get.”

“In the next five years Experian predicts more than 50% of marketing budgets will be associated with mobile, particularly as traditional, above the line channels, such as TV and billboards become more interactive and entwined with mobile,” Audley believes. “Clever companies will integrate mobile with existing channels, without compromising other activity. Because mobile is cost effective, easy to implement and is nimble, it creates a dynamic platform where brands can create a two-way dialogue.”

Do you agree that 2017 will be the year when mobile begins mattering most in mobile? Or might the big day come sooner than Experian predicts?